Wednesday, June 25, 2008

mind-set of the damsel

Ever wonder who's the gurl behind this blog? Where did she get all her thoughts? How she writes? How her mind works?

The girl who hides her tears by laughing.
The girl who hides her pain by smilling.
The girl who hides the sadness by lying.

The damsel who tries to cover everything by making herself happy despite of the sorrow she felt.

How pathetic am I you may thought but I have a superb optmistic mind-set. I believe in the adage "every cloud has a silver lining".

Life is tough. Really tough. That's why we should be strong enough to face all the obstacles in our life, no matter how rigid it may be.

Me, personally, I have that numerous problems. In schools, in our house, with my friends and even with relatives.

Like in school, I have my so close friend turned into my worst nightmare. He's bullying me now. He teased me and it came to the point that I wanted to cry in school. I wanted to slap him for saying rumors on me. I wanted to punch him. But I was able to control my anger. I just prayed. Prayed for him and prayed for a longer patience. I don't wanna have a fight with him. I don't wanna argue. I just let him talk, talk and talk about me. As long as he doesn't do physical things with me. I will remain calm and silent.

Emotinally he kills me. But optimistically, soon, I believe that things between us will be fix.

The're times when Im alone I wanted to burst. I wanted to cry my heart out. To shout all my pains. To hurt those who hurt me. To perish all my griefs by hurting my own self. But I was bunged. One song says that:

"there's a rainbow always after the rain"

Im stick with it. After the storm in our life surely a rainbow with shine. Another good day. A new beggining. The end of suffering.

That's how i think.
That's how my mind works.
I often think about negative things.

I often think about the people who hated me. Why should I waste my time thinking for them? I have a lot of acquaintances who cares and loves me.

Im happy with friends.
Im contented with companions.
Most of the time I have to cover my angst but little by little i worked on it.

Sometimes we just need to wear charade..