Tuesday, July 1, 2008

tueday's line

I can’t find the right and the best word to describe what I feel today. It’s a mixed emotion of being happy, missing someone, tired, exhausted and sleepy.

Im happy for the fact that I got 20/20 in our paper in Economics with Public Finance because not everyone got that score. It’s a reaction paper about Douglass North and his works in the field of economics. I made that when the storm, Frank invaded our country, I was so sleepy and lazy back then but I was able to make the best of it.

I miss my special someone right now. We weren’t able to see each other today because of the conflict in our schedule. Today is Tuesday. Friday is our day. Though we were together yesterday I miss him already. We weren’t able to have communication the whole day too because my phone is lowbatt. I want to talk to him right now but he is still on the way home.

Tired. It was last week; especially last night I had my cramming session. I finished my report that was supposed to be discussed today. But it was postponed since our professor enjoyed discussing his lecture and forgot that he assigned us to report this day. He said that we would have our oral next week. It’s a bit disappointing but at least there's a week more for me to prepare.

Im so exhausted, a bit problematic and sleepy right now. Lack of sleep, no complete meals, mixed pointers in mind, problems and works in school. I’m trying to make up things one by one. First through sleeping, eating though without rice, scheduling everything and doing stuff 2-3days before the deadline is what I have in my plan, and being optimistic in everything is what I have as my source of strength that i can do all the task assigned to me.
goodluck to me!
goodluck to us!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

cramming days

So many things to do that are to be submitted on tuesday but until now i wasn't able to do any. Im so lazy doing my homeworks. Maybe because i don't have energy for the fact that im not eating rice for a week. A no-rice-DIE-T. Just kidding. Im really in a diet, i need to lose some weight though im not that fat. My tummy area is damn so big. Ahaha! I already stop drinking beers.

Thats the reason why i was not able to post new entry.

Sometimes Im not in the mood.
Sometimes I dont have anything to share.
Sometimes Im so busy doing other more important things
Sometimes Im just lazy.

Got to go already. I need to start morning cramming!