Saturday, July 12, 2008

firework display!

Currently Status: Tired yet Happy

My legs are aching. my mind is gidding. My eyes is teary.
Im blissful. Im contented. Im so in-love.

We had our galaan session today. We went in Megamall then in Mall of Asia. We walked and walked and ate and talked and ate and talked from 2:30pm till 9:30 this evening. Actually I just changed my clothes then do this posting. As I’ve said Im so tired yet happy because I spent my day with my Jonathan. The best part today was when were in MOA, its the fireworks that counts. So romantic for me, the thought that we were together that moment watching the sky with bright lights. It was so heartwarming for a person like me that is so emotional.

Together we cherish every moments because Fridays' and Sundays' are the only constant day that we can see each other. They will have their family gathering tomorrow that’s why we had our date today.

Also yesterday he surprised me because he confessed why he had difficulties when walking. He said that he joined fencing training on their school just trying his luck to be an athlete. I asked him why he did that. He just answered, "Because I want you to be proud of me". Aww! I was so touched. Really I was shocked. He’s doing that for me. I wasn’t able to comment. May I repaet "really I was shocked". He’s making sacrifices for better things between us.


I can’t explain how glad I am. Having him as my boyfriend is not shameful. But doing such thing makes me really shout and show to others how proud and very lucky I am having him in my life.

I hope that this good relationship between us continues.

^My heart grows fonder.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

so unwell

Mornings habit every Thurdays: Surfing the Internet.

Ohm, bad intro for this post but I’m sick. I have a cough and cold. I think it started last Wednesday and it's already a weeklong. My mother stopped me to take medication since I drunk already more than 8tables with 500milligrams together with other medication for my allergy, migraine, and dismenorhea, all for a week. I might get over-dosed.

Water-therapy is what I’m practicing right now. Water, and water, and water for the whole day. It’s a bit good for dieting thingy but still I have to eat for my immune system.

3hours from now I will be on school and do those difficult math problems in our Monetary Economics. I hope that my brain will function. Crap. There are times that I think can’t comprehend well because of this cold.

Good luck to me guys.
Pray for me to get well soon.


^I miss my special someone now. I need his comfort. Ahaha!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a day with him


That’s is. In a snap things are settled down and I hope that it would last for a lifetime. I hope that he was really the one. I hope that I made the right decision.

July 08 2008
Between to 7pm-7: 30pm
Not so good place: inside a car
Along Crossings, Mandaluyong
Going to Megamall

That’s the details. I can't believe that for the first time ever Im already committed to my special someone. The feeling is so blissful yet a bit nervous for the circumstances that may hinder us to have a good relationship. I'll just enjoy every single moment when we are together. I will show him how I care. I will make sure that he will not regret that I came to his life. Also, t
rust is our no.1 must.

He’s my first boyfriend but he said that he didn't want to be my first but my LAST. aww!

Now I’m contented having him, attached with him and fully committed.

Adjusting, adapting, and settling.
3 things I should execute this time.

I can't express through his blog how happy I am right now and how much I love him. Things that happened today still linger on my mind. Lets just say that this time WITHOUT HIM MY EVERYDAY LIFE WON'T BE COMPLETE.