Thursday, July 17, 2008

an old wretched poem


I wanna fall and be with you
But there’s something telling me not to
Don’t known what’s the reason behind
Things separate us with a big line

We love each other only in mind
A special feeling we cannot hide
Lover's act based on trust
But our denial is a must

We can talk and see each other
We can idle away and sing together
But there’re limitations that we consider
And that we should relieve forever

You’re a whimsical and cheerful to me
So do I a bubbly person you can see
Laughter in our eyes never fades easily
'Cause we cherish each other happily.

But despite those smile in our eyes
As you know we cannot tell lies
Desire a path without charade in our face
And start a journey in that maze

As i've promise here's the another poem that i made. Sounded that Im so emotional when I was doing it. That was for my a friend when I was in first year college. Though our "too-much-close-friendship-like-lovers" didn’t continue to a "so-called-relationship" Im happy that even now were friends, the feeling is gone but we still have the attachment.

Im contented and blissful with that.

Just wanna share.

^Im not a writer. Criticisms are accepted.

Monday, July 14, 2008

mixed thoughts

Rainy Afternoon!

I’m stuck at home. Anyways nothing's new. Every Monday afternoon my pc is my best buddy. Actually I don't have any topic or subject for today's posting. I just want to publish something.

Let me just discuss anything under the sun:

I have a new nail polish. Manicure and pedicure for tomorrow's class. So girly.

Oh may I share storm Helen is starting to invade the country. Its already 24degree Celsius. A bit cold. Here in Pasig heavy rain and strong winds are frightening and im a bit chillin'. I’m wearing my pajamas in the afternoon. Ahaha! Insanity you may think but it’s really cold here. Maybe because I’m still ill with cough and colds.

I need a Humorous speech tomorrow. But I still don't have any. Im not in the mood of writing. For the fact that really don't know how to write a humorous speech. Im not a comical person. Duh? And I already have confidence why should I need to gain more? Ahaha! Just kiddin'. I’m planning to cram it tonight.

Next time I’ll be posting my poem. Maybe on Wednesday, or on Thursday but surely not tomorrow.

Hmm.. what else? I’m missing someone. Do I need to shout the name? Ahaha! I miss My Jonathan. Our 8th day will be on Wednesday. I hope that we can see each other even for an hour.

That’s it. I’m already starving already.

^Fixing this blog is a bit complicated.