Saturday, July 26, 2008

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Another post for the day!

It’s because my first post today (the SONA) is not really related on this one. Just wanna share why I’m annoyed till now.

Having a relationship with someone is sometimes frustrating to the point that every move you do should be rhymed, and every bad response from your partner should be follow up with mushy actions. Either pleasing him in sweet baby talk or through sensual affection.

And that’s the problem with us or should I say the problem with me. I dunno how to fix things back. Short-temper attitude towards me add pressure making me feel that all the guilt was to be blame on me.
I love him.

I love you and I know you can feel that but...

can you please let me adjust?

^Kudos on Problem.

my political stand

Current Status: Over-loaded with School Works plus Being Annoyed

Three days before the State of the Nation Address. I’m a bit excited on what will President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will proclaim and boast on her previous years serving the Filipino people. The follow-ups with her project like the Super Regions, construction of the Clean Coal Power Plant, Cheaper Medicine Bill, Stronger Laws against Election Violence and the giving 121B fund for Education that she promised to execute in 2007. Those are just some of the highlights in her flowery and dramatic speech. I hope that before giving her word again she’ll make sure that we, the Filipino masses sensed it.

Like me as a student the allocated 121B for our education is like a planet. I know that it was there in the universe but I can’t be there or experience to be there. I don’t need to tackle it more. It’s just simple like that. Where was the said fund go?

But aside from those tentative things 0ne query triggers my mind a lot.

Does still the government people have there conscience? They are acting innocently in front of the public that they didn’t do anything appalling move behind us. The plundering and the corruption in every project they passed. Using the government fund for their personal necessities and luxury. Even sometimes using the fund for their hidden agenda and rebellious propaganda. Other keeps on subsidizing it on their pockets for the coming election. How pitiful our country is with these officials lead by a fascist leader.

Well I’m expecting another flowery speech from the president made by her writer. Two hours of lies and busted promises. We want actions not convey.

Absolutely after delivering her speech booboos from the opposition will surely sprout here and there.

^I'm not an anti-Gloria.

Monday, July 21, 2008


It was bullshit!

I have nothing against anybody unless he/she made something bad on me. I did not judge any person because my friend hates her. And I wont surely make an awful statement on a person that I don’t know personally.

Damn you to compare me. That’s why we are called INDIVIDUAL. We have our own characteristics and specialties. Sorry I’m not beautiful like your goddess-like friend. But I have a pleasing and high-class personality with an extensive mind in doing fine manners towards other.

Also I have my name. Don’t address me as “That girl”.

You’re so pathetic. Behave like a real lady, not like a bitch. Insecurities will just make you worst. If your friend hates me, let her loathes me, but with regards to you? It’s none of your business.

^Simple comment, irksome outcome.