Friday, August 1, 2008

A Cup of Coffee

Current Condition: Sluggish In Doing Stuff

Wee! The weather really makes me weak and lazy to go to school. So cold. Plus, I’m experiencing dysmenorrhea right now. It is a medical condition characterized by severe uterine pain during menstruation. Err. I don’t think that I can make it to school but I have too. Not only because its Friday but because I need to talk to our college dean and our chairperson for my best buddy Janno since he stopped attending school now. Also for my Economic Statistic subject which I really love to attend to. Boo on me but I like Math. They said it sucks, but what wrong with the numbers? Ahaha! Lunatic Shai.

Now Playing: This Is Why I’m Hot.
Very irony for the weather. Im already using my old sarong today. Cool. Im like a Muslim.

Hmm. Got to go. I have to prepare myself. C
lasses start at 12.


^Ohh Dancing. I miss you badly. >_<

Monday, July 28, 2008

Blogging Addiction

Current Condition: Sleepy, Tired and Full of Load to Work on.

Chilly Morning Guys!

Almost 3 hours before the State of the Nation Address and everywhere you can hear the people uttering all their expectations on what will SONA contain. Again and again promises that are made to be broken.

By the way I would like to welcome my cousin in the blogging world. She said that she read my blog and was a bit convinced. I become one of her inspiration (is that okay to say that? Ehehe) why she ended up having her own.

I’m heavenly delightful that we can now update each other. We’re so busy in school these days that’s why we can’t chat on the phone daily. Also we’re not into using cell phones (txting) in chatting.

My other two close cousins still don’t have a blog and I’m planning to pursue them to make one. Besides blogging is not that intricate. It’s just putting all your thoughts together that day. Expressing what you feel and viola! A post! You can use whatever language your best in. The one you prefer so that you can express the whole you in the post.

You can also find friends here that possesses the same characteristics you have. In addition, blogging is mean of communicating with the people far from you. In this way companionship never fades and the tie on relationships tighten.

Before I was so lazy posting. But now encoding all the words on my mind is similar as a loud shout. It’s like a easing some pain. After I a post I was really relieved.
This blog is like a vitamin to me. It generates my heart and mind healthy.

So for the others why not try to have one!

^Actually this is my 4th and finest blog.