Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lie-low on blogging...

Im so: Tired as Usual

What’s new with that sentiment?

As always, I’m tired because my classmates went here in our house for us attend a regular session in our barangay today.

Of course before the meeting I have to entertain them here.
I cleaned the house early this morning.
I layout my cousin’s proposal tarpaulin designs for their coffee festival.
I prepared myself and fixed some papers.
Then I helped my mother cooked our food and set-up the table and ate with my classmates.

After that we directly went to the session and it took almost 5 hours yet we weren’t able to finish the meeting for the fact that 2 of our midterms are to be given tomorrow. We have to read the Analects of Confucius. Damn so long and too difficult to understand. Ahaha!

I just pass by here.

I missed blogging but I don’t have much time now. I think I failed on our Public Finance subject. Crap me. I need enough sleep. I know the answers but I wasn’t able to follow the instruction since I’m too dizzy when I’m taking up the exam. I cried, and cried, and cried after the test. Anyways, I feel better now. I already realized that that’s my fault too; I didn’t sleep early the night before the test.

Now I have to concentrate on my studies.
Nothing else, for the meantime.
Just studies. ü

^damn i really wanna go to emba..

Monday, August 11, 2008

Midterm Week

Currently Listening: Trans Music

Whoah! 10 days had past.

I wasn’t able to publish a post. Hmm, it’s because last week our midterm examination has started. Six test for my six major subjects.

Last Friday (Aug. 08) that first test was given. It was a big shit. Just kidding. I’m so blissful that I passed that Monetary Economics midterm. Though I wasn’t the one who got the highest score, I think I belong to the highest top 5. *grin.

But still there’s nothing to celebrate yet. Five more assessments to go.

Review are the things that I have to execute this week.

Honestly I’m a grade-conscious person and I’m not ashamed of it because there nothing wrong being a GC. But surely, I’m not a nerd or a geek.


On the other side of my Life:

We just celebrated our first monthsary.
August 08, 2008

Nothing’s really memorable happened but the thought that I spent my time with him that day (08/08/08) was the moment that I will surely cherish. He will always be a part me. ^^,

^Im going to read Paulo Coelho’s Book.