Saturday, August 23, 2008

I’m down in the dumps.

I feel so: depressed (o.O)

I wanna run.
I wanna shout.
I wanna cry.

Really I’m down in the dumps.

This is the 4th invitation I received to be on the G-list in Embassy, yet I can’t make it AGAIN. I want to join with my friends but under circumstances and the people around, badly and sadly I can’t go. I miss the gimik session that I used to do last vacation. However, things change, status change, people change as well as the situation change and this change brought me to the stream of awful disappointment.

I think I shall better shut my mouth now.
I’ll just concentrate on doing my debate speech for Tuesday and the Bill Proposal that I needed today.

Damn it but I’m not in the mood of writing.

^Honestly, I feel so sorry for myself.