Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the congress

Shai is: Working on a Bill


After my delivering my debate speech yesterday with my wobbly hands and voice, now I’m working on a public work bill. It's entitled “Motorcycle Lanes on Main Roads and Highways Throughout the Country ” its just for our Parliamentary Practices and Procedures Subject for us to learn how to make one. I think we will also use this in our incoming simulation/youth congress. I hope that I can make this act better.

In addition, yesterday we went in the House of the Representatives in Congress. At first I thought I wont enjoy being there because of my migraine, but thanks for the medicine I took, I feel okay and I ecstatically explore the house. Ahaha! Pictures here and there.

Even though honestly, the session itself of the congressmen and congresswomen was a bit boring, I still treasure my step in Congress, the place soon I’ll work in. ü

^a lawyer or an economist?