Tuesday, September 23, 2008

for the so-called GUEST

Who are you to judge me as a "snob" person?

Let me know your name.
Let me know who are you and give me your reason/reasons to come up with that very deductive conclusion. Did I did something wrong to you? Were there instances that you approached me and I didn’t entertain you? What?

Hiding your true identity by just living your name as "Guest" shows that your a bit coward, oh may I say real coward since you like a fight or an argument in the net. How pity.

Defend yourself. I'm an open-minded person don't worry.
You can pm (personal message) or put you comment on this page.

May I share too "ang mga bahag ang buntot ang laging talo".

^you can’t judge, you not aware of my real personality.