Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where am I?

Hey! Look whose back.

Damn it. After a long period of time the sarcastic girl is now kicking again. As I’ve said before this will be my last blog ever. I want to keep my words.

So, maybe your questions will go like this:

How are you?
What happened?
Are busy?
How was your study?
Any love life?

Few words that can make my mind ach in sharing all the real answers.

Honestly, Im freaking out.

First week of March we were sooooo busy in doing our research papers, thesis and policy paper. Also final exams were given during the deadlines of those papers.

Ohh! I almost forget last February; I won the title for the Ms. College of Economics, Finance and Politics 2008 pageant. It was a nice experience for me and a great honor for my parents. Though Im not that pretty and talent and bright, I was able to make it.

I broke up with him. It just happens that I’m not that type of girl who he can control and set limitations that hinders my wants and have power over my freedom. It’s over.

What else? I’m enjoying my life right now. Vacation starts already. More nights to sleep (do I sleep? hmm.. ) And more time to chill and to relax, the “chillax” way.

I got a new secondhand laptop. Ahh we’re not rich. Ahaha! But its good thing that I have one. I don’t need to use our desktop computer. Now Im here in my room alone and can use this whenever I wanted.

Summer classes will start on Wednesday, Wednesday and Saturday classes during vacation. On-the-Job training on weekdays except Wednesday. Im excited to work on Senate of the Philippines under the Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon . Yey!

And that’s it.
Satisfied or not? Uhum.
Queries are entertained.

*the picture was somekinda blurred.. sorry...

^I missed this blog.