Friday, April 3, 2009

You are Wanted..!

Mood: Tired and SLEPPY

Yeah! I’m sleepy. The second day of OJT is ____? Cool. Nice. Okay. No Comment. Ahaha!
So many stories to tell but, nah, I dunno how I will start. Hmm..

OJT Thingy:
-Doing good. The NSO Staffs are nice specially Ma’am Karen who guide us in everything. Encoding surveyed data everyday. Argh!

Policy Paper:
-Stand by Mode. Since Angeline and Jerome (my bestfriend) is also busy with their OJT Thingy and also Reniel is also having his OJT in NSO we don’t have enough time for it. Maybe we can work this coming Holy Week.

-Honestly, I miss someone. Yah! You got it right. My best friend. Lately he’s not talking/texting/calling/chatting with me and he never ever told me about his plan special the one I’ve read on his planner. A retreat. I even asked him twice or thrice about that but he didn’t response. Aww! I also miss my colleagues, my close friend and my batchmates. Do I need to mention them all? Ahaha!

Love Life:
-Ahuh!? Suitors please line up. Ahaha! Just kidding. I don’t why I’m opening this topic? Anyways my life is like an open book already. Hmm. I have this special someone. No malice at all. As of now we’re just good friends. I think I need to know him better and be sure on what I really feels for him. Ö

I miss my normal life.
Your so outlandish chai.
Better sleep now.

^step by step..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Economic Term:


The cost of an alternative that must be forgone in order to pursue a certain action. Put another way, the benefits you could have received by taking an alternative action.

Example: The opportunity cost of going to college is the money you would have earned if you worked instead. On the one hand, you lose four years of salary while getting your degree; on the other hand, you hope to earn more during your career, thanks to your education, to offset the lost wages.

(thanks to


Err. Define TIRED. What a day.

Excuse me for writing in TAGalog-EngLISH language but I'm not in the mood to blog everything in English.

Naguguluhan na ko!
Haay. I went to Congress for my OJT but then the personnel told me that they already have trainees and not accepting anymore.

So disappointed, sad and empty minded I walk through the overpass of Quezon City without thinking for my next destination.

Suddenly, I remember “may cellphone pala ko” Ahaha! I texted my friends where are they. Ayoko naming sayangin yung araw ko ng ganun lang.

Gandhi (one of my classmate) replied and said that they will go to National Statistic Office in Pureza, Sta. Mesa. Immediately I went there. Luckily, earlier I told Ren (another classmate) to include my name on the NSO recommendation letter.

At the said office the four boys: Gandhi, Ren, Jejo and Reniel chosen me to be the representative to go up in the HRMS. And the rest was history.

We got the job. On the “Economic Indices and Indicators Division, BUT.
Err.We will work as an encoder?! WTF?

At some point I know, OJTs’ of course, sa pinakamababa ka magsisimula, pero. Haay


I wasn’t able to make it on Congress and Senate. Damn. That’s the result of being sluggish at home. Ayun. Tamad kasing kumilos at mag-ayos ng mga papers.

When I got home, I checked my mail. Senator Pia Cayetano’s office replied on my mail. They notify me that they acknowledge my message and instruct me what to do.

Now, I’m wishing. The hell I’m longing that they will reply as soon as possible for an interview. But as of now, my future depends on the National Statistics Office.

Now Im confused. Should I look for new agencies or not? Should I wait for Senator Pia's reply or not? Which is which?

Prepare. Think and be prepared. As soon as possible attach and prepare everything you need. Avoid cramming in submitting requirements.

Lesson Learned!

^ “Kailangang magdecide ng maayos. Sayang ang Opportunity Cost

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

grotto vista for the first time..


Before I lay down and rest tonight let me just post and share these pictures with you.
This was our outing on Grotto Vista last Thursday before the party at Manor.

The quality of the picture was not that good but still thanks to Jona.


^7:30 class for tomorrow..

Monday, March 30, 2009

pathetic chai..

Location: As Usual. Bedroom.
Background: Fated to Love You TV Series

"ung eyebags mo kasing laki na ng mata mo"
-Kuya Lito (my brother in law)

"an laki ng pinayat mo chai"
-Ate Enjeng (my sister in law)

So what the hell is happening to me?

Not enough sleep.
Less time to rest and relax.
Fewer chocolates and other sweets.
Too much thinking for the Policy Paper? Ahaha! GC.

Normal or not, i don't care much. All I just want now is to sleep.

I wanna run from all the problems and evils around. Though I've read a bewildering confession from someone, I prefer to set it aside.

Aha! Fedrick, Jejomar, Gandhi, Ren and Jerome invaded our house. Ahaha! I almost forgot to share. They are my close boy friends. I cooked my-not-so-good-and-best spaghetti. I wasn't able to prepared for the special ingredients. Anyways they still enjoyed it naman.

Before I end-up this stupid and nonsense blog of mine I would just like to share this quotation to you.

"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it."

Make sense now?

Good Night Stars.

^do not DISTURB: Sleeping

Sunday, March 29, 2009

club MANOR...

Early Evening Post!

I wasn't able to share what happened last Friday and Saturday. Well, I think this pictures tells you a lot.

That was last Friday and I enjoyed it, somehow. 'Coz there are some no-noo's that happened that's why its not a 100%delightful hours for me. But still a chillax moment.

Itchan and Cyrill thanks for the pictures.
Also, Jonathan too, thanks for the treat. (^^,)

Totally "negra" on pictures because of the swimming last Thursday. I'm in tan color yet I'm wearing black. Ahaha! Crazy.

Sorry I'm not in the mood of writing.
Ciao folks!

^which is which? paper or sleep? ahaha!

^Policy Paper again...