Thursday, April 9, 2009

Early Maundy Thursday

Time: 2:06AM

Just got home!
Early bird huh? :D

I watched a play in our baranggay hall court.

The traditional "
Sinakulo". A re-enactment of the life of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Young amateur actors and actresses but still they were able to produce a good play.

Some actors are friends.
Others are may cousins.
Few are my admirers? Lol. Just kidding.

The props head committee was my cousin. And most of the technical and props committee are my close boy friends. (As usual, I'm one-of-the-boys.) So I went there to show my support and to entertain my self too.

Tomorrow, I mean this evening they will continue the half-part of the play together with what they told me the Last Supper and on Friday the "
Syete-Palabra" which was honestly I really don't know. (Pity on me? ahaha!)

So I guess I badly needed to watch it.

Nothing much to say.
Good Night Guys.

^time for

On this day (Maundy Thursday) four events are commemorated: the washing of the Disciples' Feet by Jesus Christ, the institution of the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper, the agony of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, and the betrayal of Christ byJudas Iscariot.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hi there friends!

I want you to meet my baby. Dhamar.

It was a gift when she turned 18. When I first saw Dhamar I was fascinated and loved his cuddliness. I was even the one who gave the name Dhamar which came from the name "Danny and Marian"; Ate's classmate who gave her this bear.

Whenever I went and sleep in Taytay, I always look for him and hug him until I fell asleep.

Basically that's the reason why Ate Joyce gave him to me last November 1, 2008. She said that Dhamar can make me feel warm when I went to Baguio for our Youth Congress.

And here he is. A bit bored like me. Ahaha!

He's my number one companion.
My loyal friend.

Though he can't response to what I'm saying to him atleast at some point he makes me feel better. Pain are eased through sharing it to others.

Sometimes it enough that you have that someone who will listen to you no matter how long you sentiments are. Someone whom you can share you secret and have a hundred percent assurance that he won't spill it to others. Someone who's always there for not just because he say so, but because that was what he showned you. Someone that can make you smile by just looking onto his face and someone whom you can hug anytime for a much better feeling.

I know he can't move or whatnot. Atleast he didn't promise me anything. That's why though he can't hug me back, still I'm so lucky and happy having a companion like him.

^promise no more!

Monday, April 6, 2009

para sayo..

"Pinipili ng tao na maging miserable, kaya nga hanggang ngaun ay umiiyak ka pa rin"

Masakit. Nakakagulat. At nakaka-iyak. Magulo.

Wulang sinuman ang may karapatang sabihan ako at husgahan tungkol sa isang bagay dahil wula sya o ikaw sa position ko. Hindi mo alam ang tunay na nararamdaman ko.

Pinipili nga ba ng isang tao na maging miserable and buhay nya? May tao bang gustong maging magulo at wulang saysay ang panahon na nilalagi nya sa mundo? Mas gugustuhin mo bang umiyak buong araw kung alam mo naman may makakasama na magpapangiti sayo? Masaya ba kapag "miserable" ang buhay mo?

Hindi pinipili ng tao na maging miserable ang buhay nya. May mga bagay lang talaga na mahirap takasan. Na hindi masabi o maamin o maipakita sa tao sa paligid mo dahil mayroon ding mga nakakainmpluwensya dito.

Hindi naman kase basta basta lang pagdedesisyon sa buhay. Tulad ng sa kanin, hindi mo pwedeng isubo at kapag napaso ay iluluwa mo. May mga desisyon sa buhay na hindi mo alam ang kakalabasan. May mga bagay na pinipili tayo na nagiging dahilan ng pagiging miserable ng buhay naten. Pero hindi ba naiisip ng mga tao sa paligid mo na may higit na mas malalim na dahilan kung bakit iyon ang napili mong tahakin? Naging mapagmasid ba sila bago husgahan ang tao at sabihin na ang buhay nya ay naging miserable dahil ito pinili nya?

Mahirap magbitaw ng mga salita lalu pa't hindi mo alam ang takbo ng buhay ng isang tao.

"Destiny is the result of our own choice" Uo. Tama. Pero sa pagdedesisyong ito parang kang tumataya ng lotto. Hindi mo alam ang maaari mong makuha o mapanalunan. Ang buhay ay parang sugal lamang.

Hindi ko piniling maging miserable.
Sadyang mahina lang ang kalooban ko.
Mabilis lumuha. Tao lang ako. Nasasaktan din.
Darating din ang panahon na masasabi ko ang tunay na dahilan kung bakit ako nagkakaganto.

Kung ikaw ang tatanungin ko ngaun:

"Pinili mo bang maging miserable ang buhay mo?"

^magulong utak ko.. sana naintindihan nyu..
*sana mabasa nya to.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

chai is DEPRESS.


Good morning sunshine..

I thought its only 11pm but.. whoah! 3:00am is the time.

I've lost my sanity making this "image inside a text" picture in Photoshop. Ahaha! So what can you say? Good or not that bad? I won't accept a bold BAD answer. I had a hard time looking for the steps huh. Lol.

Anyways look at these:

I cleaned and arranged my desk! A sign that I'm depress. Ö
Oh noo.. nah!


Last night (Saturday) I'm craving for Mcdo Float and Fries (another sign of depression? Ö) so I went to Silver City. But then we I came, two parties are on going. Though it's already 8:30 in the evening the customers are over flowing. As a result I end up staying at Starbucks.

To have a peaceful time and be alone. That's my number one goal why I get out of our boring house. My former classmate, Iris, surprisingly served me my Caramel Frap Coffee.

Sip. Read. Think.
Think. Sip. Read

Then vanity strikes.

Who says that I can't smile though problems invade?
Nah. I'm stronger than you've thought.

Then after that, another sip, another reading, stop and THINK again.

I miss the person who talks and cheers me when I'm so down. Err. Where are you now? ='c

Weirdo Life.

^I'm stuck!