Monday, April 27, 2009

BlogRoll Please..

Chai is: Eating doughnuts.
Location: Bedroom

Summer’s over!
Ohh! Rainy season-no-no.

Anyways, I will make this post a way of showing my gratitude to my co-bloggers.
Somekinda advertisement too for them. Ü

My BestFriend aka Jerome
~He told me that he didn’t want others to read his post. So why put it in a blog? Ahaha! Invaders go, go, go! He’s a good writer, I assure you.

Schoolmate aka Jonel
~He’s blog was fantastic. I dunno where he gets all those stuff, but I don’t care much as long as I enjoy his genuine literature.

Lunatic and Candymag Talker aka Istepanyak
~The hot babe! Aha! I enjoy reading here post. Somekinda girly, but a hundred percent a really lokaret gurl.

Lunatic Talker aka Sister Cath.
~Aha! I hope she won’t freak-out because of the word sister. Honestly I like her. The way she post about her life: so down to earth.

Co-blogger aka Kring
~I barely know her, but I can sense that being her friend is like a lifetime blessing. I can see and read on her blog how she treasure and keep her friends close with her.

Meet my new and old friends.

I’m thinking if I will post another batch. Hmm.
So for now Policy Paper again. Crap.

^i want a caramel kreme krunch!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

small dilemas in life..

Mood: Sluggish
Now Playing: Poker Face (party? ;p)
Location: Kitchen

Last Thursday,
nahulog ako sa hagdan! Stupidity Strikes. That happened on my friend's apartment. It's because the way down her apartment was so dark and for the fact that my eyes are weak specially in dark, bruggsh! I got a ankle sprain. I missed one or two steps. Take note I'm in my high heels pa.

So last Friday I stayed at home to rest. Two days with bandage and two days of struggle in walking. Now nothing to worry, I fell much better. I'm doing good.

On the other side of my life:

I'm practicing my baking skill. Whoah! After some days of cooking different Filipino delicacies and breads. I can conclude that baking is not my forté. My sister-in-law told me that I'm good in cooking pasta and main dishes (they said that they loved my baked tahong!). Yet, I'm won't give up. I badly want to learn. That's why I'm here at our kitchen. I'm planning to bake banana bread. Aha! Wish me luck guys!

^miiix together!