Thursday, June 4, 2009

and the blame goes to...

Weather: Heavy Rain Pouring Outside
Location: Bedroom

What a remorse night I have.
What will I do? Waah!

I have this friend-slash-former suitor-slash-material boyfriend who’s making crazy things by wearing himself through walking from school to their house which was really not a joke.

The story goes like this. After me and boyfriend broke up he was the one who acted like my “knight in shining armor” that’s why in a short period of time I thought that I already overcome and moved on with my ex. I think the way I entertained and treated him made him think too that he will be my boyfriend-to-be which I also thought at first.

But then I realized something.

I realized that what I’m did is wrong. I should not let him enter my ward not until that ward is totally prepared to be use by others.

So I told him my decision and after that we never talked again. Even a casual nod and a smile.

And now my bestfriend told me that thing. That he’s walking rain or shine from school to their home. For those here in the Philippines, imagine he’s walking from Sta. Mesa Manila to Caloocan (near Navotas). Damn. I was shocked after hearing that half gossip half true story from my bestfriend (because he’s not that sure). But still my mind’s engine goes up and starts running.

Was that my fault?
Yes! Pity on me. But yes I admit, absolutely that’s my fault.


What will I do? I can’t even ask him for a coffee to make things up.

I need to be strong to face the trouble I made.
I need to.
I have to.

^Feels so shitty!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer's Over


I miss everyone.
The OJT thingy makes me busy. And in the past 2months so many things happened and i can't mention it all. So i think i better hopped those stories and just cherish them, whether good or bad, reminisce them whenever I wanted. Haha!

They can tell a lot.

[These are our time card. My two close friends during our OJT and even in classroom: Jejomar and Gandhi.]

[with the boss': starting on your left: Ma'am Joy, Ren, Gandhi, me, Jejomar, Reniel, the chief, Ma'am Rosie and Ma'am Karen]

[together with the other statisticians]

[with Sir Francis, my favorite? nah my close statistician..]

Wanna see my other picture? Just visit my friendster account.

Hmm.. so gotta go..

^closer and closer..