Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hello! =)
Pretty bored here.

Just making photo editing again.
Me and my lappy.
This photo was taken last August 22, when my thesis-mates slept in our house.

Another one.
This are my chums. So childish.

Lastly, I've said we are so busy in school stuffs and here are the notes on my wall that should be accomplish as soon as possible.

Well, somekinda picture blog. Hope you enjoyed looking at my stuffs.

Have a nice day!

^chatting with HIM.. =)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

so random..

Hey long time no post!
What's up people?
I missed some many events in life that wasn't post and share with you.

So here am I, planning to be active again. Even though we are working on our Policy Paper (it's like forever working on it) I will pursue to continue updating my blog.

What's new about me?

First, is that I'm attending a class. An English class to be specific.

American Institution for English Proficiency located in Makati.

I think I already mentioned it before but I want to share it again to you (specially those who are in the Philippines) because their specialist are really good (like Mia and Chris!) and their office is open for everyone. I received a very warming welcome when I had my first day class. As well as the staffs and old students.

We don't have dsl-connection! Too bad. The PLDT said that there's an international problem with regards to that but I wonder why my cousin on our next block can do internet surfing? Well their operators will be a shock-absorber for my brother's anger if they won't fix it as soon as possible.

Thank God I don't need to rent on a computer shop. Why? Simply because I'm the one who's in-charge of watching over my relatives computer shop here near our house so I can do the internet surfing the whole day.

I miss my chums online.
-ate cathy
-teacher makis
-cousin rem

and many many more. lol.

I think that's enough as of now.
I'll post pictures soon. Many pictures! For a better update.


^now playing: time of your life