Tuesday, September 29, 2009

childlike thoughts..

Location: Bedroom
Time: 1:10am

Yey! Eight days before my birthday.

I remember when my boyfriend asked my plan for this coming event, I just answered “I have more than one month to think about it” but that’s already in the 2nd week of September. He laughed at me and said “It’s already September, not August” and burst I in giggling that I almost forgot my own birthday.

Well, I think it’s because of my lazy-busy-sloppy-schedule. I wasn’t able to check the coming event in my life: The-Start-of-My-NO-More-TEEN-Years. Yes! I’m turning 20 this October 7.

A bit sad for my numerical age.
Happy for the past 19 years’ good life.
And excited for more experience.

I can’t say that I could not ask for more. There are so many things that I want to have and achieve.

I love possessing new things.

I want a new cellphone. (The one with a TV)
I want a new laptop, or even a notebook.
I want a SLR Camera. (Canon please) etc.

Those are only few things that I’m craving to have, but now I can’t still have. First, is because I’m yet earning my own money and secondly, I don’t want to add burden to my family just to give my luxury. . I need to be contented on what I have now.

So just for my coming birthday I’m planning to give myself a REWARD for I passed one struggling year.
  • Either the Vanilla Scent Victoria Secret Perfume for my Bath and Body Works and VS perfume is more likely to be empty next month.
  • Or buy new corporate tees and blouse or even a dress for other coming events.
  • Or even buy havs’ slippers to treat my feet.
  • Oh, Paulo Coelho book will also do.

Small things that can make me smile. ϋ

However, as number of our age grows our way of thinking also develops. One thing for sure that can really makes me smile on birthday is my family, boyfriend and close friends.

Just sitting and eating with them on the day of my birth will be the best gift for me.

No material things.
No money.
Just their presence.


Monday, September 28, 2009


Location: Bedroom
Time: 3:46am

My bestfriend or should I say friend asked me to edit and fix his blog. After I finished it, I’m still not in the mood to do anything for school so I prefer to change my layout too. It’s been a long time since I edit it.

I always have the black and sad color background for my blog, so now I transformed it into something more lightly. Yes, the opposite of black. I tried the color WHITE which I don’t usually use for my backgrounds. I dunno why I picked this color from the palette but I think this is the right time to try something new.

I even alter my favorite picture for my template. Well trying something new for some time is cool and a bit interesting for it may reflect something in you.

Before I always use black for the fact that I always look at my life on its darkest side.

I’m absolutely an optimistic person but I can’t help to think that my life really sucks and so pathetic. Maybe that’s the very reason why I end-up loving the color black.

But now things change as well as my perceptions.
There’s more to LIFE. ϋ

For my old template: Bye bye!

^So what else can you suggest for my blog? ϋ