Saturday, May 8, 2010


I'm done with my requirements in school. Yey! All I need is to look for a dress that will make me shine on my commencement day. I'm still undecided what color to wear. Yellow, black, white or sky blue? I'm planning to buy this coming Tuesday after the election.

We had our 6th month-sary celebration. Well it's not actually celebration, we just had a casual dinner at home. Everything was perfect, I think. We actually tried to make things perfect. He stayed here until around 11pm yesterday and (I think) went home with a smile. I cant believe that after 6 months we're still together and ok. He's too busy and stress with his work. I'm so pasaway and my mood swings strikes at times yet here we are.

I'm just so happy and words aren't enough to explain why.
I so love my baboi. :)


Explorers Of The Dreamworld said...

you should wear a yellow dress

Anonymous said...

why yellow?

joven said...

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krinGALING said...

Aww! Happy monthsary to you and your guy! I hope you guys forge a long-lasting relationship :)

chai.latte said...

joven- thanks. i'll visit your site as well.

kring - i so love the last sentence. haha! thanks very much. :)

Anonymous said...

congratulation! ~jack at