Sunday, May 23, 2010

Month of May

Our catechism mini-camp was a success! A very tiring yet fruitful day for God. I'm not a catechist (a teacher), but I'm one of the organizer. I'm part of the media sector. There are like 63 kids that we guided and feed from 8am till 5 in the afternoon.

It was so fulfilling that the kids said they learned a lot and went home with a smile on their faces though the weather was really hot. I'll upload the picture next time. :)

Another busy week for the Sagala. WooHoo!


On the other side of the coin: This picture will tell you a lot.

It happened last May 14, 2010, at World Trade Center Pasay.

I'm already a certified Bachelor of Science in Political Economy Graduate. Still undecided whether to go for graduate school or not. For now, I look for a job first. It only means.............

Job Hunting this week. Wish me luck!